About us

I am not a reader.  Don't get me wrong - I love the lure of being transported to another time and/ or place and love the magic a good story holds.  But, I have a lot of energy; sitting still and reading just doesn't allow me to funnel that energy in a way that satisfies me.

So, I have been crafting, of some sort, since I was about 10 years old.  I began with cross stitch, tried my hand at knitting, made a gazillion Christmas wreaths in my twenties and have since settled into my current passions for the last ten years, crafting home décor from repurposed and upcycled items, as well as jewelry and accessories that allow my customers to express their own unique story.

There is nothing that I love more than when a customer orders one of my signs or pendants because it means something special to them - for instance the butterfly to heaven sign because their mom has passed away and she loved butterflies; or the coffee pendant ordered for a special coworker who loves coffee. 

I am nothing if not transparent and genuine, so that is the personality I try to infuse in the items I create.  I hope that I offer my customers an opportunity to do the same.

Some Random Things About Me:

  • My version of Brady Bunch includes a husband, three stepkids, two kids, three dogs, a guinea pig and a random collection of tropical fish
  • I love all animals, especially dogs.  (Although truly, I am not much of a cat person - but I love for OTHER people to have cats.)
  • Gardening is a passion of mine.  I will spend hours in the garden and forget basic necessities, like eating.
  • I love to go to the thrift store and discover new treasures.  (This is NOT the word that my husband uses to refer to my new finds.)
  • I have a great sense of humor and it is pretty hard to ruffle my feathers.
  • I love being a mom.
  • I love to work with natural materials to create something beautiful.  For this reason, I use reclaimed wood whenever I can.  I think there is an inherit beauty in wood grain, knot holes and all. 

Please pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee (or a margarita or a glass of wine for that matter, I don't judge) and shop and browse awhile.  If you don't see what you need to tell your story in your own way, send me an email.  I love to do custom work and love to hear from my customers.  Thanks for stopping by!